Monday, February 22, 2010

Travel Week 1: Lovely London

Where do I even begin? For our first travel week Sarah, myself, Lindsay, and Anna all went to London for four days and Paris for three days. In London we met up with a group of five girls all from CIMBA who we were sharing a hostel room with. Four guys from CIMBA were also staying at the hostel. Once we got to London it was raining. We managed to find our hostel, Palmer's Lodge, and move in. That night we hung out and used the hostel's bar, Chapel Bar, and ate in their restaurant. Day one was filled with excitement. Sarah, Anna, Steph, Kim, Hannah, and myself all went to Camden Market. It was filled with cute shops, tempting treats, and had everything from electronics to candles. We got great chinese food there for only three euro! The lady gave us a "special price". We hit up Abbey Road-which has special meaning for my Daddy who is a huge Beatles fan, Hyde Park, Kensington Palace, shopped at TKMAXX, saw Harrods, and of course took a picture in a red phone booth. A group of us headed out to the Walkabout which was an Australian bar about a five minute walk from our hostel. Sarah and I discovered "Cider". Cider is a mix of beer and white wine but it is so delicious, I am sad it's not in Italy. In London we took the "tube" and "coaches" everywhere (tain/buses). We went to Buckingham Palace and saw the changing of guard, Westminster Abbey, London Eye, Big Ben, Piccadilly’s Circus, and Parliament. I can't believe I saw where the Queen lives. Too bad she wasn't home that day. Sarah and I tried to take pictures with guards but they would not budge. I think we almost got one to smile because he was clenching his jaw pretty tightly. He was a cutie so we told him we were staying at Palmer's Lodge if he got a minute. Sadly, he didn't answer. We went to an ice bar that night with all the other CIMBA students. Everything was made entirely out of ice from the cups to the chairs. We had to wear these cloaks and gloves, and could only stay for forty-five minutes. We looked like straight up Eskimos. After that we went to a two story Sports Bar and danced the night away. The next day was a busy one visiting The Tower of London and envying all of the jewels there, then going to the London Bridge and eating some great pub food at Firehouse, best onion rings of my life. We climbed all 528 stairs of St. Paul's Cathedral, walked the Millennium Bridge, and scoped out some fine art at the Tate Museum. After that it was time for some more pub food. Sarah and I got to meet up with my friend Kristen and have dinner at a pub in Westminster. Being in London was such a dream come true and a blast and a half. I can't believe I got to do everything I got to do.It was so nice to hear some semblance of the English language again. I loved it and would definitely go back. I am truly blessed.

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