Friday, February 26, 2010

Running the Italian Country Side

This morning I was supposed to go on a trip with my Italian class to a neighboring "village" called Asolo. The trip got moved and class got canceled. I was up so I decided to use my time wisely and go for a run. It is starting to get nicer here and warm up which is awesome for me because I love to run outside. I get way too bored running on a treadmill. I usually have to switch to three machines because one can't hold my attention span for more than thirty-minutes. Morning runs are part of my routine back at home. It just always starts my day off right. I have been missing them since I have such a crazy schedule here and have 8 am classes everyday. But not today. Today I went for a morning run to Crespano along the Italian countryside. Blue skies were trying to break through the clouds. It was quiet accept for the cars filled with people starting their day. The church tower bells chimed eight times in a melodic, deep ring that I have come to know over the past seven weeks. As I climbed the curve up to Crespano I could see the mountains with white snow covering their peaks. It was pretty amazing running back to school knowing that the Italian mountainside had my back. I closed my eyes and thought of how much I love this land. Taking in a deep breathe I smelled a wood pile burning not far away.  It reminded me of taking camping trips with my whole family in Oregon when I was little. I saw a guy mount his blue tractor which I think he may have either been moving or taking to school because he was carrying a backpack. Along the sidewalk, one of the only ones in Paderno, I encountered friendly older Italians who returned my smile with a "Boungornio!", good day, with a thick accent that made the letters bounce off their tongues. I made it back to school with time to shower and get to class. I felt like I should be heading to work at the University of Oregon Alumni Association since this is what I always did this summer and fall at Oregon. I have seriously missed my morning runs.

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  1. Hi T-Bone, this is Mama Rudd from Australia! I am so glad you are having a marvelous time in Italy. Italy is one of our favorite countries to visit in Europe. I hope you can make it down to Capri before you leave, as Capri is one of the most beautiful places in the world to see and be seen! Take the train down to Naples and immediately book yourself on a hydofoil over to Capri. Be careful in Naples,as it isn't safe. Watch your pocketbook. You will be amazed as to how beautiful the ocean is on the Amalfi Coast. It is a magic place to visit if you can fit it into your travels while in Europe.
    We leave to go home to the States on Thursday, hence arriving on Thursday with the International Date Line and all...We have been gone 6 weeks and are excited to get home and back on schedule. Don't get me wrong, we had a fabulous time cruising down South America (Chile) sailing around Cape Horn at the end of the world and back up the other side to Argentina, where we left our home away from home, the Seabourn Spirit ship in Buenos Aires. We spent 5 days in BA and 5 days in Rio de Janeiero before heading to Sydney Australia and then onto Townsville to see Hilary. We have had a wonderful time seeing the Hil and feel lucky we could see her while she is abroad this semester.

    We all send our love and hope you continue to have a fabulous time!


    Mama Rudd